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C is for Charlie, Costumes, and Cameras

CHey, everybody! Charlie here. Mom wanted to tell you all my adoption story. Here it goes… I saw my people, knew they were mine, charmed them, jumped into Mom’s arms, and went home. End of story.

Now onto more pressing business… The Easter Bunny.

I met this legendary creature two years ago. Tessa couldn’t come with us, because she was too huge and miserable from carrying all those puppies inside her. So I was on my own when Mom and Dad took me to my favorite treat shop. I thought I had it made.

Then they set me on the lap of what I thought was the biggest stuffed toy ever made. It kind of resembled the bunnies I try to chase in my yard. I thought I’d see if it was tasty, as you can see in this first picture of the devious creature. I’ll present to you Exhibit A…

Exhibit A: I examine the subject closely

Exhibit A: I examine the subject closely

As you can see, the creature’s smile was suspiciously artificial, and those eye… I shudder every time I think about them. Well, it turns out the sweet, adorable bunny bit is just an act. These things are in league with the humans. A few seconds after I was politely licking its face, the beast talked–not in bunny speak, but like my people do! Clearly this is some evil rabbit-human alliance. Who knows what evils might have befallen me, had I not escaped this demon’s clutches and found safety with Mom and Dad. You doubt? See Exhibit B…

Exhibit B: I prepare for my escape from the Easter Bunny's evil grasp!

Exhibit B: I prepare for my escape from the Easter Bunny’s evil grasp!

I’m sure you can tell that this creature was up to no good. Thankfully, I’m very quick. I zoomed away, and almost made it all the way out of the store, but Mom and Dad were just a bit quicker than me for once. I still don’t know why they would take me to such a horrible place in the first place, unless they wanted me to know my enemy. That must be it, because the treats they picked up for me there? Rabbit chews. Who’s laughing now, Easter Bunny?

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