M is for Microchipping

A-to-Z Blogging Challenge 2015--MFew pieces of technology have changed the rescue business quite as much as the microchip identification systems. A tiny microchip is inserted below the skin of a pet, usually somewhere on their back between their shoulder blades. Nearly all veterinarians and shelters have scanners to detect the presence of a microchip in incoming animals. This means that even if an animal has been found without a collar or tags, if it has a microchip, it could still be returned to its owner.

Many rescue organizations microchip all their adoptable pets. However, if you recently added a new family member and they don’t have a microchip, your veterinarian should be able to chip them for you. Many cities have regular microchipping events–often put on by rescue organizations, vet clinics, or boarding facilities–where you can get a discounted rate on the microchip service.

Once your pet is chipped, it’s important to regularly maintain your records. We use 24PetWatch and they emphasize making sure that both your personal contact information and your veterinarian’s contact information are current. If your animal is found, the vet or shelter will scan for a chip, and notify the chip issuer. They will then try to contact you first at your own phone number, then through your vet office. So it’s crucial to make sure your information is current.

Having microchips won’t prevent your pet from running away. But they can help you have a speedy reunion with your best friend. Have an awesome reunion story? Share it with me in the comments!

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